DIY – Christmas Table Arrangements


This rustic but elegant Christmas centerpiece is gorgeous festive tabletop for your Christmas gatherings. You can create it using material available outdoor without spending a penny. When it comes to this Christmas centerpiece, there is no end to the combinations of florals you can use.…

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DIY-Winter Bridal Bouquet


This pine needle bouquet is a new trend for winter bridal bouquets.

Fragrant pine scent creates the ambiance of rustic winter bridal bouquet and compliments elegant phalaenopsis orched flowers.


You need only two phalaenopsis orchid blossoms for the bouquet.…

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DIY – Floral Collage


Floral art is now more popular than ever.  Let us talk now about a FLORAL COLLAGE.

Creating floral art requires more skills and creativity rather than a large number of floral materials.

For floral collages, you can use not only flowers but all floral materials: roots, branches, and cork as well as manmade materials (lace, ribbons, feathers, and leather).…

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DIY – Creating Thanksgiving Floral Table Centerpieces


Just because a large turkey and side dishes are Thanksgiving’s main attractions, that doesn’t mean your decorations have to play second fiddle. If you want to create a table setting that will appeal to all of the senses, an elegant centerpiece will bring your family and friends together in style.…

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Orchid petal composed bridal bouquet- Glamellia

 We already showed you how to create a rose petal Glamellia bouquet


 Watch Orchid petal composed bridal bouquet



Glamelia is a vintage style bridal bouquet from the 50th of the last century. It looked like a gigantic camellia flower and originally was made out of gladiolus petals.…

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Safely Decorating Cake with Fresh Flowers


A florist has to decorate a cake not only with nice flowers, but also do it safely, as all the flowers have chemicals, and bacteria dangerous to humans.

Flowers safe to use on wedding cakes are used strictly as a garnish and for decoration.…

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DIY Easter Tulip Arrangement

For you Easter table this year, let us to create very inexpensive, eatable arrangement. Use any seasonal flower or even incorporate some broccoli, carrots,  and celery sprouts. Tulips are in season so this is the best time to enjoy and use them for Easter table.…

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Increase Profits with Specialty Sympathy Flowers


At Mila Floral Design School, you learn universal formula how to select and arrange flowers in any style and for any occasion including sympathy flowers.

In this article, you will learn how to create special sympathy displays on easels.

Selling specialty sympathy flowers can help increase your flower shop profits.…

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Floral Design Services Contract Template



The floral services Contract has no specific requirements.

Running an event floral design business just ain’t easy. First, you’re dealing with a fungible item that can deteriorate at the slightest stress. You also have to deal with the flowers.

Thankfully, flowers aren’t math.…

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DIY-Floral Jewelry. Necklace.

The king protea, is a flowering plant. It is a distinctive member of Protea, having the largest flower head in the genus… (read more) 

The King Protea flower can grow to twelve inches across. On the outside, it has very stiff, pointy petals that give the flower a cup like shape.…

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Tropical flowers meaning and care



At our Arranging Tropical Flowers class, we created this small exotic flower arrangement using a set of tropical flowers and leaves. At the flower market, such a set called ‘tropical bouquet’.

At the market, tropical flowers (birds of paradise, pin cushions, protea, ginger, palm leaves, bromeliad, orchids, anthuriums, and heliconia) are available in bunches of   5-10 stems, or by box, and some flowers are sold by peace.…

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