DIY-Floral Jewelry. Necklace.

The king protea, is a flowering plant. It is a distinctive member of Protea, having the largest flower head in the genus… (read more) 

The King Protea flower can grow to twelve inches across. On the outside, it has very stiff, pointy petals that give the flower a cup like shape. Usually the bottom half of the flower is a yellow or cream color. On the top of the King the color turns a pink or red color. The inside of the flower has white stamens that takes up around one or two inches that bend towards the center.

Even kept in water the flower start gradually getting dry within 3-5 days, but is dries very gracefully. As a matter of fact, the first little brown spots on petals make petals even more decorative.

As a base use neck wire choker necklace.

All petals and stamens are attached to the wire by hot glue gun.



Start by applying white stamens.





Then apply longer petals. Use a little amount of glue to prevent burning large spots on petals.




Next go wider cream colored petals.





Finally glue long narrow petals keeping them longer that the previous rows of petals.




Flip the necklace over and cover all the techniques by banding long petals.


Using the same techniques you can create a necklace, hair piece, crown, earrings, bracelets…

Have fun!









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