Corporate Events Floral Workshop​

Our school provides memorable interactive workshops in floral design for Employee Appreciation and Client Appreciation events as well as Team Building events in Santa Fe, Washington, Seattle, New York, and the Caribbean islands.

Our floral design workshops are competitive and exciting but not complicated. Everyone can participate. We will guide you through each event and assist you in any way necessary to ensure that your participants get the most out of it. We’ll provide you with a comprehensive proposal of options to choose from.

Relaxing and fun workshops will give your participants a “boost” of energy.

Before to the workshop, we offer a 10-30-minute demonstration of designing several kinds of floral arrangements. Using simple techniques and ordinary everyday household items we teach how to create exclusive arrangements.

During the demonstration, your guests learn how to select the freshest flowers at the market, prolong the life of cut flowers, and arrange flowers using the newest European trends.

After the demonstration participants create their own arrangements, using the techniques they learned. The workshop lasts 30-45 minutes.

Please review the suggested workshops

And, of course, everyone is rewarded! Your clients will go home with the flower arrangements they created. In addition, some of them will get raffled masterpieces created during demonstrations. What they will really appreciate – is a relaxing feeling after getting in touch with the beauty of flowers!

An event can be held on-site, if your office has the space, or you can use a banquet hall or other appropriate facility. And the event itself can run the gamut from a simple cocktail hour to a more formal dinner party. We require 20 to 100 participants per class.

For our proposal, please contact us at or call 773-395-0231

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