DIY – Christmas Table Arrangements


This rustic but elegant Christmas centerpiece is gorgeous festive tabletop for your Christmas gatherings. You can create it using material available outdoor without spending a penny. When it comes to this Christmas centerpiece, there is no end to the combinations of florals you can use. For extra Christmas spirit, add sprigs of fresh crabapples.


2 dry palm leaves, 1/3 of a floral foam block, floral wire

Florals: crabapples, ivy, Japanese maple tree branches


Create sort of container using dried trimmed palm leaves.

For a foundation use floral foam.




Camouflage the floral foam with moss, securing it with U-shaped pieces of wire.





Create out of ivy leaves 2 garlands starting with a larger leaf and pinning the next ones with 1”  piece of wire.





Attach the garlands to the foam by a piece of U-shaped piece of wire.





Put crabapples on 3″ pieces of wire





Arrange in the center if the arrangement, creating a strong point of attraction.





Next, add ivy branches with seeds. Create two lines under about 120 degrees to each other; the longer part has to balance the ivy garlands.





Finally, add 2 branches of the Japanese maple , creating two shorter lines under 120 degrees to each other.




Water the arrangement daily.

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