DIY – Christmas Arrangement for a Long Table



This arrangement is recommended for a long Christmas table, mantel, or as a door swag. All of the floral materials can be gathered in a park, back yard, or forest near you. You can combine any kind of plants, roots, berries, moss. In our arrangement the base is created out of an acacia seedpods, but it could be an attractive root, piece of wood or bark. The size of an arrangement is in proportion to the size of your table.

Materials: a piece of Styrofoam,  sisal twine, floral wire, 

Florals: crabapples, ivy, acacia seedpods, hawthorn berries,  long needled pine


Take a piece of ordinary packaging Styrofoam. The size shell be 2-3″ smaller than the arrangement.




Secure to the Styrofoam acacia seedpods using U-shaped floral wire.


Create garlands out of ivy leaves and camouflage the sides of the Styrofoam pinning it with U-shape wire.

Secure to the Styrofoam with U-shape wire.



Put on 3-4″ wire crabapples and add to the arrangement creating groups of 3-6 apples. Then add to the group of apples branches of hawthorn berries.


christmas-table-arrangementFinally, add ivy branches with seeds. Trying to locate them over leaves or seedpods; on dark colored background they would be seen better, creating that airy snowflake look.




Water the arrangement daily.

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