DIY Easter Tulip Arrangement

For you Easter table this year, let us to create very inexpensive, eatable arrangement. Use any seasonal flower or even incorporate some broccoli, carrots,  and celery sprouts. Tulips are in season so this is the best time to enjoy and use them for Easter table.

I bought my three bunched of tulips at Jewel store. Easy to arrange and budget friendly this arrangement will lest all Easter season.

Select the most fresh tulips with flower heads lover that leaf tips. Be sure there are no molded leaves.

Tulips (or other spring flowers like hyacinth, daffodils)
Cabbage with pretty leaves on the outside
Paring knife
Wet foam 1/2 block (if you do hand tight bouquet, place it a small mason jar)



Take your cabbage and cut the base flat. Discard any brown or wilted leaves. Using your knife, cut out a hole in the center that is large enough for a 1/2 foam block.

Save all the yummy cabbage insides for a cabbage salad with apples & walnuts.

After holyday, recycle the cabbage container for cooking Southern fried cabbage with sausage.  To protect the cabbage, insert your floral foam into a plastic container (recycle yogurt of sour cream container).


Remove any loose leaves from flowers, keeping only top 1-2 leaves. Cut flowers to the height you’d like and gently, by one motion insert the flowers in the foam, starting in the center and working in circular manner. Alternate colors every three flowers .
Once the foam is fully covered, place your cabbage on a tray or platter to protect your table. Make sure to add a little water every 1-2 days.








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