Top 9 Networking Tips From a Celebrity Florist


Heaving my third year in business, I had nearly thirty weddings scheduled in about a six month time period. That’s a lot of dings. That’s a lot of stress. That’s a lot of weekends working, while my non-wedding friends were pedaling down the boardwalk on beach cruisers, still not really “getting” why I wasn’t there.…

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Easter table floral decor

Easter floral table decorIn our Easter floral décor we use spring flowers and candles. Easter usually occurs towards the beginning of spring, a season when plants bloom and animals give birth. Eggs in particular are a clear symbol of rebirth and fertility. So eggs are often associated with Easter, a holiday that  celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ.…

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What Wedding Planners Splurge and Save On

How to save on wedding decorWondering which areas of your budget should be getting the most—and least—love? We consulted the pros to find out.

No one knows better than professional wedding planners how to get the most out of an event budget. From linens and lighting to booze and favors, these experts will tell you exactly where to splurge and save.…

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How to create Horsetail grass vase


Horsetail grass is great “building” material for Collage style arrangements backgrounds and camouflaging floral foam in clear glass vases.

Horsetail grass loses bright green color and shrinks a little while getting dry but keeps shape for years.




Equisetum or horsetail, snake grass, puzzlegrass is the only living genus in Equisetaceae, a family of vascular plants that reproduce by spores rather than seeds.…

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