Just because a large turkey and side dishes are Thanksgiving’s main attractions, that doesn’t mean yor decorationsur  have to play second fiddle. If you want to create a table setting that will appeal to all of the senses, an elegant centerpiece will bring your family and friends together in style. (Plus, it’ll keep your table looking picturesque long after the turkey is carved.) Your Thanksgiving table is packed with design potential—all you need to do is find the right idea for your feast. From elaborate driftwood sculptures to seasonal flowers to pared-down candles and pumpkins, there’s no one way to dress up your dining table. So if you’re seeking some inspiration this season, these Thanksgiving centerpiece ideas will transform your festivities with ease.

By paying extra attention to the dinner table decor, you will inspire your friends and family to relax and take in the autumnal view. You can create a beautiful centerpiece with your style in mind. Components can range from artfully placed seasonal flowers to sculptural pieces in a rich fall color palette  features rich hues ranging from brown to orange and dare we say blue! To bring your table decor to life, consider mixing colors and layering textures.

Flowers can be arranged in “containers” made out of vegetables: papers, eggplants, zukiny, cabbage, and pumpkins.

Vegetables don’t hold water, so use a piece of floral foam or a little container inside a vegetable.


There are samples of arrangements in papper. You can trail along a table  several papper containers mixing them with candles.

Create napkin rings catting pepers into rings and  combining rings of different color papers on each ring.