DIY – Floral Collage


Floral art is now more popular than ever.  Let us talk now about a FLORAL COLLAGE.

Creating floral art requires more skills and creativity rather than a large number of floral materials.

For floral collages, you can use not only flowers but all floral materials: roots, branches, and cork as well as manmade materials (lace, ribbons, feathers, and leather).

Select gracefully drying botanicals. All the collages you see here are done 25-30 years ago and they did not lose decorativeness. Even little dust gives them even more attraction.


Use cardboard or framed canvas for a foundation. A foundation can be painted with a brush or spray paint.

To start, select a pattern for your collage. You can upload all elements following a particular order (lines, circles, waves), or combine two of them (that would work only for large-size collages).


Use horizontal lines to create a static collage. For dynamic collages locate lines vertically or diagonally.

First, create a point of interest by placing a larger subject or subject in contrast color.

Combine materials with different textures. For instance rustic and shiny, polished.

You can give a touch of color to come elements.

Use a hot glue gun to attach all your elements.



This new trend in floral design was published in the International Floral Art book, displaying the variety and rich potential in contemporary floristry.

The International Floral Art Book is avaialble on ebay.




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