DIY-Winter Bridal Bouquet


This pine needle bouquet is a new trend for winter bridal bouquets.

Fragrant pine scent creates the ambiance of rustic winter bridal bouquet and compliments elegant phalaenopsis orched flowers.


You need only two phalaenopsis orchid blossoms for the bouquet. The rest of the blossoms you can use for boutonnieres, corsages and bridesmaid bouquets.


Cut a blossom along with a part of the stem and place it into a water tube.

Tape to the water tube an 8-10” wooden stick.




Tight bunches of needles with golden wire living long pieces of wire to assemble the needle bunches into a bouquet.

Attach wire to pine cones, looping wire around cones.

Assemble bunches of needles and cones creating round tight bouquet, and then add two blossoms of orchids.


Paire cons placing into the bouquet. You need only 3 pairs of cons.

Spread the pairs of cons and two blossoms of orchids balancing them around the bouquet.

Twist all the wires together creating a bouquet holder. Cover the bouquet holder with green corsage tape. Then cover it with double sticky tape and camouflage the holder with pine needles. Finally, twist some wire around the holder.

To add some interest to the bouquet twist around the bouquet a vine of ivy or jasmine.


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