Increase Profits with Specialty Sympathy Flowers


At Mila Floral Design School, you learn universal formula how to select and arrange flowers in any style and for any occasion including sympathy flowers.

In this article, you will learn how to create special sympathy displays on easels.

Selling specialty sympathy flowers can help increase your flower shop profits.
Specialty sympathy flowers deliver a message; they tell a person’s story – what they did or loved in life.

Specialty sympathy flowers comfort the living by celebrating a loved one’s uniqueness.

Customers are asked to give at least a day’s notice for labor-intensive custom designs.


  • Estimate costs calculating the cost of materials and flowers. We suggest mark up the wholesale price three times for flowers and greens and twice for supplies.
  • Labor is the biggest expense. You create unique design and will spend more time creating it at the first time. Keep records of the time spent and cost of materials, and take photographs; it helps saving time to create similar designs in the future.
  • Review prices every few months due to increased costs of materials.
  • Start designing with a pattern – you can print it from a computer.
  • Use 2 x 12 x 36-inch Styrofoam sheets (available at the Home Depot)to create most  of the forms. Sheets can be hot glued together if the form needs to be larger. Or, rolled out with a rolling pin to be thinner. Keep a bucket of small Styrofoam scraps for creating 3-D forms.


  • Print small accents, letters, and numbers on heavy paper.
    Glue to the reverse side U-shaped Chenille stems to attach then to Styrofoam.
  • The best  and less expensive for creating sympathy displays are long-lasting flat chrysanthemum (common name mum)  flowers. Glue flowers to Styrofoam with hot glue. Trim pom-pom petals with scissors to create a straight edge.
  • Mum flowers are available in varieties of shapes and colors but not all colors of the color ring exist in the nature. Use floral Design Master spray paint for all the missing colors to create the unique design ordered by your client. This paint is safe for flowers and floral foam. It is also available at your local wholesale florist.



Depending on the size of the arrangement, secure your display to the wire easel. The easels are also available in height sizes from 24″ to 48″ at your local wholesale florist.





You can create smaller 3-D sculptures out of Styrofoam sheets glued together.

See more common patter of sympathy displays


For creating figures larger that 3′ use special Polystyrene Styrofoam.

Universal techniques for any size of a sculpture:




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