Author name: Tatiana Chelekhova

DIY – Christmas Party for Kids



The best activity for a kids’ Christmas party is creating something exciting in the company of friends.

 I call it Grapefruit Treasure Tree – it is an easy, fun project suggested for kids ages 3-12 years old.
To create a Grapefruit Treasure Tree, you need
  • a grapefruit
  • cranberries
  • crabapples or kumquats
  • candies (soft)
  • 12″ natural bamboo skewers for grilling
  • toothpicks
  • a branch of a pine tree
  • small paper lunch bags
  • small gift boxes
  • Red ribbon or raffia
Preparation before a party
  1. Cut  skewers at 45 degrees in half, creating sharp tips
  2. Cut small 2-3″ long pieces of the pine branch
  3. Pack in small paper lunch bags the supply kit for every child, close with a red ribbon or raffia
Place on a plate 1/2 of a hydrated floral foam.

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DIY – Christmas Wreath




A wreath is a traditional Christmas decoration.

Placed next to each other elements of a wreath symbolize hearts united together. These techniques have been used in different kinds of Christmas décor such as swags, Christmas tree ornaments, and mantel décor.…

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Large Floral Interior Installations

floral tree


Large floral interior installations are very common for special events.

It includes floral ceilings, floral walls, chandeliers, and free-standing floral compositions.

Every event has a theme and you should follow the theme in floral compositions, matching or complimenting the colors and styles.…

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Halloween Decor with Gourds




Halloween is not 100% Halloween if we do not use any gourds!!!!! Isn’t it?


At a farmer’s market, I run into these gorgeous snake-like gourds; immediately I got an idea of how to use them for my Halloween arrangements.…

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DIY- Fresh Flower Bracelet



Let me introduce to you a new trend – Fresh Flower Bracelet. We are going to create a fresh flower bracelet using hot glue gun mechanics. These techniques allow to create looking natural bracelets; it takes way less time than wiring and taping flower stalks.…

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DIY – Artificial and dry flower arrangement


In modern interiors, very often are used artificial stylized flowers and plants as well as silk and dry flowers.

The new manufacturing technologies make artificial flowers look very realistic. The most visually striking aspects of an artificial flower arrangement are colors and shapes.…

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DIY – Ukrainian Wedding Wreath


In Ukraine, there is a tradition of young unmarried women wearing wreaths during the spring, summer, and fall times. The latter practice of wearing the wreath is meant to signal the purity of a young woman before marriage.

In Ukraine, both spouses-to-be would wear myrtle crowns during the wedding ceremony, apparently continuing till now an ancient tradition from Byzantium.…

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DIY – Floating flower arrangements



It is a season of summer pool parties!

If you have a pool or pond at your in wedding site floating flowers in them is a dreamy addition. That is a great finishing touch instead of just leaving the pool or pond untouched.…

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DIY – Mother’s Day Flower Arrangement


During the weeks leading up to Mother’s Day, our thoughts are always in one place: What kind of flower arrangement would attract my customers?

As a present, many people look for clothing, beauty products and housewares, but it’s no secret that every mom loves receiving flowers.…

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Valentine’s Day Marketing, Creating , and Selling


Valentine’s Day is upon us again, presenting an opportunity to launch some quick holiday marketing campaigns.

1. Run Special Sale Deals

Valentine’s Day is the holiday that’s all about couples, so play on this idea with a “two-for-one” deal. If your company is able to offer a “buy one, get one free” offer, write copy that plays on being coupled up.…

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