DIY – New Year Eve table centerpiece

Anthurium Arrangement


New Year Eve is coming and this easy to do arrangement is going to be a festive addition to your party table. To get luck for the coming year, we tallow in this arrangement some of the Classic New Year’s Traditions.

We are going to arrange flowers in Botanical style. The long shape of the arrangement is suitable for a rectangular or oval table.

For New Year Eve, white flowers are traditional. We use in our arrangement anthurium flowers which bloom makes a strong point of attraction. Anthurium is a dramatic tropical flower, generally used in contemporary floral designs. The common name for plants in the genus Anthurium includes flamingo flower.  But if you are not able to get the anthurium flowers you can substitute them with calla lilies, French tulips or spider mums.

You can use for this arrangement any kind of long leaves; variegated types of the lives are preferred as they add more dynamic to the arrangement.

We use in this arrangement the Bells of Ireland not only for decorativeness but also for its meaning of good luck. The bells of Ireland flowers are available even in grocery stores.

The green trick flowers belong to the carnation family. This flower has long vase life (up to two weeks) and can even be dried to last longer.

You need:

Supplies: long or oval dish, one block of floral foam, corsage pins.


8 long leavesAnthurium arrangement

8 anthuriums

8 Bells of Ireland

8 green trick flowers


Step-by-step tutorials:

  1. First, hydrate all the botanicals in room temperature water for two hours.
  2. Split a brick of floral foam along the flat side and soak in water.
  3. Place on flat dish.
  4. Trim all the leaves the way you see at the image.

Anthurium arrangements






5. Camouflage foam with leaves; insert each leaf into the foam, wrap around the foam, a few leaves place diagonal across, and secure leaves to the foam with corsage pins.

6. Create three focal points with Bells of Ireland.

Anthurium arrangement






7. Add to those groups of bells of Ireland anthurium flowers. Place flowers in groups on different levels close to the bottom of the arrangement keeping ‘tongues’ of flowers strictly parallel!

Anthurium arrangement






8. Cover all the visible foam spots with green trick flowers.

Anthurium arrangement






Water your arrangement daily. Keep all arrangements with anthurium flowers in the environment with temperature no lower than 54F

We wish you prosperous upcoming year!



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