DIY – Christmas Party for Kids



The best activity for a kids’ Christmas party is creating something exciting in the company of friends.

 I call it Grapefruit Treasure Tree – it is an easy, fun project suggested for kids ages 3-12 years old.
To create a Grapefruit Treasure Tree, you need
  • a grapefruit
  • cranberries
  • crabapples or kumquats
  • candies (soft)
  • 12″ natural bamboo skewers for grilling
  • toothpicks
  • a branch of a pine tree
  • small paper lunch bags
  • small gift boxes
  • Red ribbon or raffia
Preparation before a party
  1. Cut  skewers at 45 degrees in half, creating sharp tips
  2. Cut small 2-3″ long pieces of the pine branch
  3. Pack in small paper lunch bags the supply kit for every child, close with a red ribbon or raffia
Place on a plate 1/2 of a hydrated floral foam. Make a large arrangement using Christmas greens and ornaments.
For Christmas ornaments replace the hanging cups with sticks, gluing them with a hot glue gun.
Place in the center a grapefruit decorated with berries, crabapples, and candies.
To make the grapefruit stable, use three 6″ skewers.
Place the arrangement in the center of the table, so kids are going to see an example of the future creation.
Kids’ workshop
Start by preparing “kebabs”. Candies and crabapples look better elevated on sticks camouflaged by berries.
Let kids make as many “kebabs” as they are capable of.
Candies might be elevated over one berry and you use toothpicks instead of long skewers.
Those small pieces of pine have weak stems. Before inserting them into a grapefruit, pock a hole with a toothpick.
You can provide for each Grapefruit Treasure Tree a little bag, basket, or cornucopia.
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