DIY – Mother’s Day Flower Arrangement


During the weeks leading up to Mother’s Day, our thoughts are always in one place: What kind of flower arrangement would attract my customers?

As a present, many people look for clothing, beauty products and housewares, but it’s no secret that every mom loves receiving flowers.

Why don’t combine flowers with something mom would keep for a long time? What if instead of ordinary glass vases use houseware items?

For my arrangement I’m going to use a fruit plate. We also need a piece of floral foam and tools: floral knife and hot glue gun.





The attraction of this arrangement is a leaf wrapping. It looks like a clear box wrapped with ribbons and a bow on the top.


Start by making a foundation for your arrangement. Secure a piece of floral foam with waterproof tape to your container.





Sharpen ends of leaves for tighter insertion.






Insert 4 long leaves into foam.  Fold them, imaging you wrap a present box with a ribbon. Then glue together the crossed on the top leaves with a glue gun.





Now we make the most important part – a leaf bow.

To make a leaf more flexible, shave the hard midvane off. Cut a leaf into 5-7” pieces (depending on the size of a bow), loop them and glue to each other. Cover the techniques with another piece of a leaf and glue the bow to the top of the four crossed leaves.


Now create your arrangement in floral foam.

We have created a rose arrangement but you can wrap with leaves any arrangement making it look like a present box.


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