DIY- Fresh Flower Bracelet



Let me introduce to you a new trend – Fresh Flower Bracelet. We are going to create a fresh flower bracelet using hot glue gun mechanics. These techniques allow to create looking natural bracelets; it takes way less time than wiring and taping flower stalks. Some flowers are attached to a base even without stalks.

What does a fresh flower bracelet mean?

In the past, the flowers were used to keep evil spirits away, and they began to wear them also by tying them on the wrist, ending up being used during ceremonies in a propitiatory sense.

Corsages are no longer necessary – they are a little outdated – corsages more so than boutonnieres. A fresh flower bracelet is appropriate to wear not only with evening gowns but also with a simple little dress or pants.

Bracelets are often worn by the mothers and grandmothers of the bride and groom, as well as sisters, bridesmaids, and flower girls. However, there’s no strict rule about who wedding corsages apply to — some couples even ask all of their female guests to wear one.

How long do fresh flower bracelets last?

Depending on the flowers that you select, your bracelet will last about 8 hours. You can prolong that timeframe though by placing the finished bracelet in the fridge; place the bracelet in a Ziploc bag but never sprinkle it with water or any fresh flowers solution to avoid getting moldy.



As a base for this bracelet, I use linden seed pods.

Harvest the seed pots in the stage when they are still green. The pods keep color and shape for a long time; they are strong and sturdy.

In both Greek and Roman mythology, linden is symbolic of  marital love and fidelity: It is the tree of both Aphrodite and Venus. Linden is believed to neutralize negative energy.




Select long small flowers.

Such as hyacinths, agapanthus, tuberose.







To create a base out of linden seed pods we need 6″ of floral wire #22 or #24.

Make a little loop on one side of the wire.







Cut seed pods of the leaves.

Thread the wire through folded leaves of seed pods.

You need about 35-40 pieces of seed pods.

Then make a loop on the other side of the wire.





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