Artificial and dry flower arrangements make ant interior looking stylish and cozy. The new technologies allow manufacture artificial flowers looking very realistic.

In modern interiors, very often are used stylized flowers and plants.

The most visually striking aspects of an artificial flower arrangement are colors and shapes. There is, however, the appeal of a well-styled bouquet. The more technical details, like number of stems, height of stems, number of leaves, the amount of space between each stem, and the way the stems fall, or bend play key roles in creating the perfect aesthetic.

  1. Before you think about the more visual elements, make a checklist for sizing. Think about how tall and wide you want the arrangement to look (consider the height of the vase), how wide the overall bouquet should span and how sparse or dense of a feel you’re going for; those factors are dictated by interior in which the arrangement is going to be.
  2. Selecting flowers, start by picking your major flowers (We have our white silk bromelias). Then select supporting flowers complimenting the major flowers (white Calla lilies). Now think about filler. Fillers are anything that are not the actual flowers and can include singular green leaves, twigs and branches. For a touch of character, you add other elements into an artificial flower arrangement.
  3. If you’re still struggling with making a vase appear fuller than it is even after trying the tricks above, it might be that your flowers are too stiff or straight. Try bending the stems slightly to fill in the gaps between the blossoms. (Remember that real plants don’t stand up perfectly straight, so whether you’re styling artificial greenery or flowers, ‘breaking in’ the stem with a little bending is crucial!).
  4. Now about a container. Any kind of containers are good for the artificial floral arrangement aesthetic! Clear vases are perhaps the most fun, since you can add stylish bottom fillers like marbles or cork stops. To camouflage the foam in our glass vase, we use dry moss and black turtle beans.


Every element you secure into foam by hot glue gun.


To create strong focus of interest of the arrangement, cut off the stems of bromeliad flowers  and insert into foam on different height fallowing FOCAL POINT order.

By the way, pineapples belong to the bromeliad family as well.




Next, add calla lilies, balancing the length and number of flowers on each side of the group of the bromeliad flowers.

Covering the stems of calla lilies with lily grass will decrease the contrast between the solid bromeliad flowers and delicate calla lilies.



Turn the arrangement around.

The top of the foam around the flowers we covered with Sponge mushrooms.

Do not forget placing mushrooms fallowing FOCAL POINT order.

You can’t disagree that those few eucalyptus seed pots add more character to the arrangement. Just glue the pots by hot glue gun to mushrooms.