Halloween Decor with Gourds




Halloween is not 100% Halloween if we do not use any gourds!!!!! Isn’t it?


At a farmer’s market, I run into these gorgeous snake-like gourds; immediately I got an idea of how to use them for my Halloween arrangements.





Of course, my gourds must be STARS of decor! That is why I selected only one kind of flower (amaryllis) and one kind of greenery (fatsia Japonica).


  • Amaryllis – 8-9 stems
  • Fatsia – 8-9 leaves
  • Gourd – 1


  • Container
  • Floral foam
  • Wooden sticks

Before arranging, hydrate the flowers and leaves and soak the floral foam.

This flower arrangement is created using two styles of arranging flowers: botanical (or vertical) and focal point style.

To keep all the parts of the composition together, it must have ONLY ONE starting point located in the center; that is one of the rules of a PERFECT COMPOSITION.

  1. Start arranging with amaryllis flowers.

While blossoming, amaryllis blossoms get heavy, but hollow stems get weaker and often get broken. To support flowers, insert wooden sticks into stems. Trim sticks, leaving about 2″ sticking out of the stems. Use sticks even for flowers with stems short stems because amaryllis stems are thick and can’t be inserted into foam deep enough to keep flowers stable.

In the center of the container, create a pyramid out of flowers, placing all stems vertically. First, place the precut stick into floral foam, then a flower over the stick. In that cluster of flowers, we do not even see every blossom separately, but we do it purposely because we create a background to emphasize our STAR – the gourd.

The strong contrast between scarlet and green colors makes our gourd more noticeable.

2. Now we find an appropriate position for the gourd. Please keep in mind, one side of the gourd must start from the central point of the composition: the center of the amaryllis pyramid.

3. To balance (the second rule of a PERFECT COMPOSITION) a large mass of flowers, add more of the green color using fatsia Japonica leaves. Create two ‘wings’, lining up and overlapping each other leaves. The number of leaves on each side doesn’t have to be the same; the ‘wings’ have to help the gourd to be balanced in the composition. In our case, the gourd is located mostly on the right side, so we have on the right a 3-leaf ‘wing’ and on the left – a 4-leaf ‘wing’. Just remember, the central line of the ‘wings’ has to come out of the central point.

4. Use the rest of the leaves to cover the floral foam in the back of the arrangement. Be sure, the stems of the leaves have to be oriented toward the central point.

Using the rules of a PERFECT COMPOSITION you can create any kind of flower arrangement.


You are welcome to see more ideas for your Halloween floral decor


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