Valentine’s Day Marketing, Creating , and Selling


Valentine’s Day is upon us again, presenting an opportunity to launch some quick holiday marketing campaigns.

1. Run Special Sale Deals

Valentine’s Day is the holiday that’s all about couples, so play on this idea with a “two-for-one” deal. If your company is able to offer a “buy one, get one free” offer, write copy that plays on being coupled up. Even if you don’t offer physical products, find a way to offer special deals on your services, and connect them to Valentine’s Day by using the relevant language. For those who starting business, probably could be affordable only small discount. For example, “10% discount if the order is placed before February 1” or free delivery within 5 miles. Promote your deals on social media for optimal impact.

2. Send Some Charming Emails

If you’re like most small businesses, you’re probably already doing some form of email marketing. Add Some Romantic Flair to Your Company’s Social Media Accounts. Here’s an example of a great Valentine’s Day email slogan: WE DO IT WITH LOVE! Include in your message a flyer with examples of your products.



3. Send Your Customers Valentine’s Day Cards

Sending your customers physical cards is a great way to show you care! Because most business owners spend their efforts predominantly on digital platforms these days, going back to more traditional marketing techniques will actually set you apart from the pack.

While individuals may be tired of receiving emails, a physical card could be a welcome surprise. Try not to include overly ‘salesy’ messaging. Instead, focus on telling your customers how much they mean to you! If you’re out of time to get your cards in the mail, a digital card can also be fun. Try including a special offer or discount to complement your message and a flyer with your special products.

4. Pair Products That Work Well Together

Another play on the “pairing” aspect of Valentine’s Day, showcasing two or more products that work well together, can help you increase sales. For example, you can pair flower arrangement with candies, wine or stuffed animal. Also arrange flowers in a cute coffee mug or tea cop. For beginners it is a good idea buying china or bottles at a thrift store; you do not need to create an inventory as you always can buy additional supplies at a thrift store. If you decorate yourself a bottle or jar, select your favorite design and keep it for all your orders. Add a Valentine’s Day twist with your messaging, such as “the perfect set for Valentine’s Day”.


5. Flowers Selection and Supplies

For beginners, the easiest way to manage small amount of orders is creating arrangements by using the same kind of flowers. If you mix 3-5 kinds of flowers you have to buy 3-5 bunches of those flowers even if you wouldn’t use all the flowers for your orders.

A bouquet of roses placed in a colorful vessel is going to look wonderful without any other flowers. Mixed flowers should be placed in vessels of one color.




Create a portfolio of 3-5 different arrangements of mixed spring flowers or roses. Also are popular growing spring flower bulbs: hyacinths, tulips, daffodils.

For low budget orders suggest “sweat heart” roses (spray roses), because a bouquet of 3-6 roses looks richer than the same amount of large roses. Besides, explain that growers accumulate large roses (especially red ones) for Valentine’s Day and they do not last. For an order with more than 6 roses suggest large roses. If your signature is a tailored Victorian style arrangement you would trim long stem roses. For that is better buying shorter roses. Of course, shorter roses (50sm) would have smaller heads but they cost less.

Creating arrangement in a low vessel use floral foam. For larger orders make a hand tight bouquet and place in a vase.

You can order flowers from your wholesaler or for small orders buy at a supermarket (the prices are relatively the same).

It would be nice, if you attach a little card tag to you arrangement.

For example, purchase heart shape little card tags on eBay.




6. Pricing and Payments

First of all, keep in mind that starting a week before Valentine’s Day most of the flowers (especially roses) cost 25-50% more than usually.

To be profitable, mark up flowers 3 times (roses 4 times), vessels and supplies 2 times. If you decorate your vase or bottle, charge for the labor, paint, supplies. Do not forget about design labor charge – 20% from an order. Do not sell yourself cheap if you would like to establish a good name for your business. If you would like to please your clients, better give them something special (see “Run Special Sale Deals).

A suggested delivery fee within an area up to 10 miles from your office is from $5 to $15.


Establish PayPal account and bill clients by emailing PayPal invoices. For clients it’s not necessarily to have a PayPal account – they can pay as a onetime customer.

Whatever you do this Valentine’s Day, make it about making your customers and potential buyers feel special. Then seize the opportunity to capitalize on the next big holiday!

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