DIY – Christmas Wreath




A wreath is a traditional Christmas decoration.

Placed next to each other elements of a wreath symbolize hearts united together. These techniques have been used in different kinds of Christmas décor such as swags, Christmas tree ornaments, and mantel décor.

More DIY projects with long pine needles.

Long pine needles are the perfect material for long-lasting Christmas decorations. The needles keep color and shape for up to 4 weeks but do not forget to hydrate pine branches keeping them in warm water for a couple of hours before arranging.

To create a wreath, make a 12″ circle using aluminum wire or wire armature.


First, bunch by bunch, glue needles to the aluminum ring with a floral hot glue gun. Then camouflage the needle ends with little pieces of pine.


3creating-Christmas-wreathNext, decorate the wreath with berries, crabapples, dry seed potts, and dry leaves. You can use artificial berries and crabapples but, for the natural look, add some natural elements as well. Berries and crabapples symbolize fertility. All the elements are attached by a hot glue gun.




Spray needles with Leafshine to protect them from getting dry.

How to keep Christmas greens fresh and fragrant all season long?

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