Large Floral Interior Installations

floral tree


Large floral interior installations are very common for special events.

It includes floral ceilings, floral walls, chandeliers, and free-standing floral compositions.

Every event has a theme and you should follow the theme in floral compositions, matching or complimenting the colors and styles.


class-floral-designThis decor was created for the fundraising Gala at the Ukrainian Institute of Modern Art.

The Russian invasion of Ukraine resulted in tens of thousands of deaths and caused the largest global food shortage and refugee crisis since Ward War II.


Ukrainians get support from all over the world and firmly believe in Victory – that was the theme of the event.

In this floral installation, I expressed through plants a vision of an imminent victory.


In creating the installation, I used mixed techniques and mechanics.

The Tree of Life represents the clear sky, the sheaves of the new grain harvest.


All the botanicals I found in sand dunes: they already lost seeds and were completely dry.

The bushes of tumbleweed, sprayed with silver and blue paint, symbolize the clear sky.



The composition is built on a metal stand painted silver and blue. As a base, I used a branch of the acacia tree, painted with silver and a touch of blue. ½’ wide ribbons in colors of the Ukrainian flag symbolize Ukraine. To assemble all the elements, I used zip locks, silver wire, and a hot glue gun.




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