DIY – Rose Petal Bridal Bouquet


Glamellia is a vintage-style bridal bouquet from the 50th of the last century. It looks like a gigantic camellia flower and originally was made out of gladiolus petals.

That is why the bouquet was named Glamellia; a word created by composing two words –GLAdiolus and caMELLIA.

Suggested flowers for Glamellia bouquet: roses, ginger, gladiolus, Cymbidium orchid, protea, and lilies.

It’s better to create a bouquet on the day of a wedding. If you create it a day before, keep it refrigerated and wrapped in tissue paper or a plastic bag. Never spray a bouquet with water or Floralife!

Supplies: Jumbo size bouquet holder (remove the floral foam out of the bouquet holder), ribbons, and a tall glass to keep a bouquet holder while you work on the bouquet.

Florals: 10-12 leaves (salal or any tropical leaves), 6-7 stems of roses.

Tools: hot glue gun.

Cover the reverse side of the bouquet holder with salal leaves.


  • apply only a little amount of glue along the midrib (midvein) because the glue burns leaves, leaving brown staines
  • glue a leaf, locating the midrib line towards the center of the bouquet holder
  • with the next leaf overlap the midrib of a leaf you already applied to cover the burned spot
  • now wrap the holder of the bouquet with a ribbon and attach a little bow


  • first of all, select the prettiest rose and put it aside – we use it for the center of a bouquet.
  • remove only 6-7 petals of each rose, as the inner petals are smaller and not so firm
  • applying the first row, place petals flat on the bouquet holder overlapping each other
  • glue the next row of petals to the petals in the previous row (to keep a petal in the right position, press on it till the glue hardens).
  • repeat applying rows of petals locating every row about 1/2″ higher than the previous


Now, it is the turn of our central rose.

First, trim the stem of the central rose to the right length; we glue the stem into the center of the bouquet holder. For better grip, make the stem bulkier by wrapping a stripe of a paper towel around the stem.


Apply a big amount of glue on the tip of a stem, insert it in the center of the bouquet and hold on to the rose for about 2 minutes while the glue hardens.

You use the same techniques to create bouquets mixing petals of different colors.


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