DIY – Floating flower arrangements



It is a season of summer pool parties!

If you have a pool or pond at your in wedding site floating flowers in them is a dreamy addition. That is a great finishing touch instead of just leaving the pool or pond untouched.

Hot weather is good for humans but deadly dangerous for flowers. Instead of creating a large flower arrangement somewhere by the pool – let flowers float!
All guests are going to be in water any way and would be more than happy take pictures next to the beautiful flowers.

Decorating your pool with floating flowers is a creative way to tie your pool into your general party theme.

Ever wonder how… to make a floating floral raft?

Create a wreath like you usually do it. But we need to make the wreath floating on the surface of water. Also, if you do not want it drifting with the current you have to stabilize at a designated spot.


That is what you nedd:







Step 1: Soak your oasis ring by placing it oasis side down in a tub of water and allowing it to soak up towards the plastic. Note: Do not force pressing down!

Step 2: Cut your bubble wrap into strips and attach the strips to the back of the oasis wreath using your water proof tape.

Step 3: Attach 2-3 loops to the ring, this is where you will ultimately time your fishing line and weights so that your ring does not drift with the current.

Step 4: Start inserting flowers beginning with your largest flower, moving to smaller flowers, fillers, and greenery.

Step 5: Take your floral ring to the pool and gently place it on the water. Attach weighted fishing line to the bottom of the wreath once you have it in the desired location.

Step 6: Add candles inside the wreath and light it.

To make a tent looking more inviting hang green garlands. Hydrate greenery for two hours before vreating a garland.

Use for thable arranging flowers matching the flowers on the wreath.

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