Mila Design Special Events company have had a free Yelp advertising for decades. It really works! To place an ad on the Yelp, you don’t even need to be officially registered as a business.

Below is a canvas for you by Emily Washcovick, Yelp Chicago’s Local Business Partner. You can contact Emily with any questions.

You have a suite of free tools in your Business User Account which can be accessed by logging in at biz.yelp.com.
Once you have logged into your account you will want to ensure that all of your business information is up to date and accurate, including your Specialties section, which describes the goods and services you offer.
Set a goal for your business to upload 10 photos in the next week to your account, and be sure to caption them with descriptive words that tell users more about what you do and what you offer.
Respond to reviews using Direct Message or Public Comment. Keep your Public Comments short and sweet. Thank the reviewer for taking the time to leave feedback and then take that conversation offline.
See all of the slides from the presentation here!

Lastly, I wanted to provide some follow up resources to help you generate review content naturally for your business. As I mentioned in the workshop, Yelp does not condone review solicitation. You can read more about our stance on the subject here. More importantly – there are things you CAN do to let your customers know you’re on Yelp, subtly:

Provide a link to your Yelp listing on your website! Visit yelp.com/brand for all approved logos and downloadable files.
Share your reviews to other channels where you engage your customer base such as Facebook, Twitter or on your Website.
Create a Check-in Offer or Yelp Deal to entice your mobile audience and allow Yelp to prompt the customer to share their experience after checking in!
*Yelp takes a % of Deals and Gift Certificates sold. See your Business User Account for details.

Please reach out with any questions, concerns or feedback and I hope to see you again soon at a future event!

Sincerely, Emily Washcovick, Yelp Chicago’s Local Business Partner