DIY – Vegetable Arrangement




My inspiration for this arrangement was the lush, colorful selection of vegetables and edible leafy vegetables. Everything from squash to the highly textured kale can be a unique element in a vegetable arrangement. One of my personal secrets is to add herbs to an arrangement for not only the play of colors and textures, but also the intoxicating aromas, which will create that special touch to the dinner table centerpiece.
Combining polar opposites—light and dark tones, masculine and feminine materials—creates a moody feel which would be the best addition to the Thanksgiving table decor.


Botanicals: kale, broccoli, herbs, dill, calla lilies, roses, ranunculus, eggplant, artichoke, poppy pots.

Hydrate all the leaves and flowers in water for two hours. Do not wash vegetables!




Supplies: 8-10″ container, one piece of floral foam, designer tape, floral wire, wooden sticks.

Tools: floral knife, cutters




Soak floral foam (do not force it into water!) with designer tape.





Start with kale trimming stems under a sharp angle. Spread leaves equally around creating long shape of the arrangement.

Add dark-leaf herbs and Dusty Miller trimming all stems short.







Trim and extend artichoke’s stems by wooden stick. Locate in the center creating strong focal point.







Secure eggplants into floral foam with floral wire.



Add roses, ranunculus and calla lilies grouping  them by 2-3 and locating groups equally balanced around the arrangement.

Finally add dill placing long stems above all the ingredients. Poppy pots locate on the longer sides of the arrangement.

Water arrangement daily.

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