Tropical Flower Arrangement



When it comes to arranging tropical flowers, follow this mantra: Less is more.

Even in massive arrangements, using just a few elements can leave a stronger impact than combining many different types of flowers; use larger flowers creating groups of smaller flowers.

For this arrangement, we selected flowers in colors of flame.

Gloriosa flowers are available at the market in wines or as single blossoms. A flower stem is only about 5-6 inches; to create a larger arrangement, using wines with blossoms on them.




Flower list:

Cattleya orchid – 1 branch

Dark red roses – 6 stems

Yellow gloriosa – 1-2 wines

Fatsia Japonica – 2 leaves

Aspidistra – 2 leaves

Supplies list: flat container, 1/3 of floral foam, ¼” designer floral tape



  • DIY-creating-tropical-flower-arrangementBefore arranging, hydrate flowers and leaves for 2 hours.
    Using floral tape, secure a piece of floral foam to the container, then soak the foam in water.



This arrangement is created by the focal point technique.




  • tropical-flower-arrangementStart with large fatsia Japonica leaves, camouflaging the floral foam. Place leave stems next to each other in the center of the foundation. The radial veins of these compound leaves would help direct to the center of the foam foundation the other flowers ad leaves.




  • tropical-flower-arrangementFirst, place slightly off the center a large spider mum flower. Pock the flower through a fatsia leaf (this way you will pin the leaf to the foam camouflaging it). The stem of the flower should be located radially towards the center of the foam foundation.




  • tropical-flower-arrangement tropical-flower-arrangementNext, add on another site of the center a branch of the Cattleya orchid, visually balancing the mum on the arrangement. Pock the orchid stem through another fatsia leaf, camouflaging the foam foundation.






  • Create in the center a group of roses placing them tightly next to each other. This solid spot is going to connect the orchid and spider mum.





  • tropical-flower-arrangementOn both sides of the arrangement between the fatsia Japonica leaves place aspidistra leaves, locating them radially towards the center of the arrangement. Pare the aspidistra leaves, overlapping each other under like a “V” shape.




  • To balance the massive branch of orchid flowers, add some gloriosa around the mum. Cutting little pieces of wine with a flower or leaf, place radially towards the center of the foam foundation around the mum.





  • This arrangement could be used as a centerpiece for a round table. For a long table, create a trail of several arrangements.
  • Water the arrangement daily.


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