DIY – Christmas Decor with Long Pine Needles


Long pine needles are the perfect material for long-lasting Christmas decorations. The needles keep color and shape for up to 4 weeks but do not forget to hydrate pine branches keeping them in warm water for a couple of hours before arranging.

Pine needle thistle is a traditional Christmas decoration.

A thistle symbolizes hearts united together and has been used in different kinds of Christmas décor such as swags, Christmas tree ornaments, and mantel décor.

First, wrap a bunch of needles with Cling glue. Then camouflage the glue stripe with burlap string. Finish with an acorn cup. Using a hot glue gun, attach a hanging loop to the acorn cup and then glue the cup over the thistle.

The acorn has been considered a symbol of good luck. An acorn painted gold symbolizes good luck for money.

Rustic long pine needles combined with velvety hyacinth flowers create a natural-looking elegant composition.

Airy needle décor is created on aluminum wire or wire armature. Hang needles threading them in and out through 2-3 wires.  Leave the center of the armature for flowers. Place the mash over a tall vase and arrange flowers pocking through a wire armature.

Spray needles with Leafshine to protect them from getting dry.

How to keep Christmas greens fresh and fragrant all season long?



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