DIY-Christmas Table Arrangement


A dining table centerpiece is very important part of Christmas décor. Celebrating Christmas, you would love to bring beautiful flowers and fragrant greenery alongside its cold weather.

The most popular colors of Christmas are red and green. What do they mean?

Green: Holly and mistletoe have been used for thousands of years to decorate. Evergreen plants were placed not just for decorations but also to remind us that cold, dark, and dreary winter doesn’t last forever.

Red: The color of holly berries, red represents the blood of Jesus when He died for us on the cross. Something so simple can remind us of the ultimate sacrifice our Lord and Savior made for us.

Other, not as popular, Christmas colors include gold, white, and blue.

Holiday greens such as holly, pine, juniper, cedar, and magnolia bring amazing aromas and are economical fillers for your arrangement. Assorted berries and pinecones are great additions for varying textures and colors. Holiday greens are a surefire way to catch the eyes and noses of your guests.

Once you have your holiday greens picked out, it is time to choose some fresh flowers to add to your holiday party centerpiece. White, red and green are the predominant flower colors in the winter seasons. Though these colors do reign supreme, other color combinations can be just as beautiful. You can use any kind of flowers lasting through the holiday season.

For centerpiece container you can utilize simple household items: bowls, baskets, vases, or any plastic container (of course, you would coumufliage it with natural materials).

There are many different ways to make a centerpiece and this centerpiece you can make with little time and few resources.


Ingrediencies: Green trick flowers, ivy, cocculus, hawthorn branches, white pine, and berries.

Supplies: container, floral foam, hot glue gun, knife.



Soak a piece of floral foam. If you use a basket or would like to protect a container cover foam with aluminum foil.




We are going to build our centerpiece around greens; it is an easy way to cover floral foam and create a shape complimenting the container of your choice.




First, use Green trick flowers then place a few hanging greens around the arrangement.




Next, spread equally white pine branches. The branched mark  up spots for groups of other ingrediencies  we are going to use.



Create rolls out of long cocculus leaves and secure them with hot glue.
Group leaf rolls by 2-3 pieces and glue by pine branches.

To make the arrangement more airy use twigs with red berries, adding just a few over the greens.

Glue berries to green trick flowers grouping them in clusters by pine twigs.

To provide an extra touch of Christmas atmosphere,  you can place candles in the middle of the centerpiece. Secure  candles in floral foam using candle holders.

To protect greens and berries from drying spray the arrangement with Leafshine.



Do not forget to water your arrangement daily.

To prolong life of your arrangement, place it overnight in a place with temperature 34-50F (depending on the type of flowers and greens you used).





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