Halloween Décor – Dragon Eggs




Mysterious flame and golden glow getting out of enormously large dragon eggs will be a good addition to the Halloween indoor or outdoor décor.

The size of an egg is determined by the size of a balloon. For larger eggs the concrete eggshell should be harder. To create harder shell, apply several concrete layers.  

It’s easy to create concrete dragon eggs.

You need: cement, water, balloons, gold acrylic paint, funnel, balloon pump, pencil, sharp knife, Emery paper, robber gloves.

  • Mix cement with water in proportion 1:2
  • Using a funnel, fill a balloon with cement
  • Inflame the balloon by a balloon pump to the desired size (suggested size is about 6”)
  • Tie a knot on the balloon neck
  • Place on a soft bedding and live until the cement harden, turning the balloon around every 2 minutes
  • Cut the balloon with a knife and remove from the concrete shell
  • All bumps ground with Emery paper
  • Carefully punch a hole in the shell
  • Paint the shell inside with gold paint



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