Baby’s Breath Wedding Theme

Baby’s Breath  is classic flowers for wedding, baby’s shower or country fairs. These elegant and romantic flowers are affordable, easy to handle and work with. You can use Baby’s Breath flowers for corsages, boutonnieres, bouquets, head bands, wedding ceremony décor, party room décor, table centerpieces. We will present tutorials for creating all kinds of these arrangements, using Baby’s Breath flowers only.


Baby’s Breath Crown

Learn how to easily create your own baby’s breath flower crown with the simple instructions below.

You need:

  • wire #18 (or you can tight together 2-3 wires #22 or #24)
  • floral tape – green or white color
  • 1 bunch of baby’s breath (condition flowers in room temperature water for two hours)
  • clippers and pliers
  • ½” white satin or organza ribbon
Baby's Breath Crown Wreath flora-design-lessons-classes-school-complete-training-wedding-bouquets-corsages-boutonnieres-large-scale-decor-funeral-flowers-corporate-events
Baby’s Breath Crown
  1.           – Cut a piece of wire equal  the circumference of a head
  2.            -Wrap the wire (or several pieces of wire if you use thin wire) crown base with floral tape
  3.            -Prepare Baby’s Breath – cut buds with stems about 2-3” long
  4.            -Bunch as many buds together as you like (depends how full your crown would be), lay each bunch horizontally along wire crown base and tape the stems as you work your way around the crown
  5.            -Continue adding bunches and taping them down until the end of the wire
  6.            – Band ends of the crown with pliers forming loops
  7.            -Tie a pretty ribbon to each end of the crown
  8.             -Wrap the crown in tissue paper and store in a cooler

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