It is easier than you think


by Rachel Clayton, Today’s Chicago Woman

It is easier than you think!

I asked Tatiana Chelekhova, an owner of Mila Design Special Events Florist, how she turned her passion onto a profession… and how you can too.

How can you turn your green thumb into greenback? Tackle your fears. If you want to achieve your highest aspiration and overcome your greatest challenges, identify and go after the very thing that drives you most. Turning your passion into profit takes hard work and a lot of creativity, but the rewards are endless. You’ll be doing what you love – and getting paid for it. But, just because you love doing something doesn’t mean you know enough to create a profitable business from it.

International Award Winning Master Florist Tatiana Chelekflora-design-lessons-classes-school-complete-training-wedding-bouquets-corsages-boutonnieres-large-scale-decor-funeral-flowers-corporate-eventshova
International Award Winning Master Florist
Tatiana Chelekhova

Research your business idea first and find a niche in your field. Once your business is up and running, you’ll have to strive to keep your passion alive. And to stay competitive, you must constantly pursue higher knowledge to keep it fresh.

Travel abroad. Attend trade shows. Meet with others in your industry and explore new advances/techniques in your jobs. By staying abreast of the latest innovations and trends, you’ll not only be successful in your business, you’ll keep your own passion burning.

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