Secrets to Career Change Success




What are the secrets to a successful career change?

If you are passionate about floral design why don’t get paid for your hobby

You may find it necessary to update your skills and broaden your knowledge.

The demand for a talented and unique eye for floral visions is high in many cities across the country.

Becoming a floral designer allows you to connect with nature, create beautiful arrangements, and be commercially valuable to clients in their area.

You can specialize in weddings and corporate or social events or open your own stores for everyday type flowers.

Floral design will be a good addition to your special events planning of party props rental businesses.

By starting a career in the floral industry you can continue what you do for a living. Work out of your home, garage, or basement. You need no capital to start a floral business. It takes 85% of techniques and only 15% of creativity to create a floral arrangement.

We teach just a few easy but universal techniques allowing you to create all kinds and sizes of floral arrangements for weddings, corporate events, and sympathy arrangements. We teach how to turn flowers and foliage into art.

14-Secrets to Career Change Success

Running a creative service business, you are going to face a lot of challenges. You are passionate about what you do, but you probably struggle with problems common to many creative people:

How do I make a living being a floral designer?

How could I follow my creative ideas, if the client has his own demands?

How can I compete with the other florists?

How do I market my business?

You are going to find answers to these and more questions at our school. We are there for you even after graduation.

We will help you start your business:

  • Find partners for you
  • Give you a hand on busy days like Mother’s Day
  • Help you to handle large events
  • Provide contacts for wholesale florists
  • Share our floral supplies company sources
  • Provide a complete professionally created portfolio for your prospective clients
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