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Floral bracelet is a new trend in floral design for weddings. Traditional wrist corsage looks like a little bouquet and a bracelet resembles a miniature wreath around a wrist.

Before using, flowers should be hydrated for two hours. You can make bracelets a day before an event and keep them refrigerated.

There are two styles of floral bracelets: natural and structured.

A natural bracelet looks like a traditional wreath with flowers and greens.

To create elegant structural bracelets we use flower petals or leaves only. Besides flower petals and greens we can use manufactured materials: tiny ribbons, pearls, rhinestones, wire, etc.

With the same techniques, we create bracelets using carnation, rose flower petals, or Baby’s Breath flowers.


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We use ribbons or inexpensive plain plastic bracelets as a base for floral bracelets. We suggest using organza with satin trim 1” ribbon, 18” long. The color of a ribbon should compliment the colors of flowers or have a neutral green color. Plastic bracelets we cower with decorative ribbon to make the glue stick better.
We always start creating natural and structural bracelets from the middle of a ribbon.


Creating Spider Mum structural bracelet


Materials: 2 -3 Spider Mums of both yellow and white color
18” sage green 1’ organza with satin trim ribbon
5-6 rhinestones

Tools: Glue gun, scissors, 1.5-2” D glass vase



Tie the ribbon around the vase





Get a pinch of petals and cut to the desired length





Apply glue to the cut.





Place petals on the ribbon, tightly pressing them for 5 seconds, then release, letting them naturally spread while the glue is hardening.





Keep gluing little bunches of petals, alternating yellow and white petals. Glue rhinestones between petals.





After the glue completely hardens, untie the ribbon and remove from the vase, little by little tearing off the ribbon first from one side, then the other.






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