Lily-Glamelia_Bridal_bouquetLily Glamelia bouquet is popular as a bridal bouquet or a table décor.



The most long lasting petals have Oriental lilies. To force blossom opening fester, remove all the flowers from the stem and place in room temperature water. Never use warm water!
To create a 6” Glamelia we need 2 stems of lilies, 10-12 large Salal leaves and a hot glue gun.
Glamelia_Lily_BouquetStart from composing a leaf cuff; create a con gluing leaves to each other.



Glamelia_Lily_BouquetSnap lily petals out of stems and glue to the leaf cuff applying a little drop of glue on a tip of each petal.



Petals should overlap each other.




Create three layers of petals and then glue in the center a lily flower with a stem.



Place a Glamelia into a vase with water. The vase opening has to be wide enough for all the petals reaching the water.