DIY Creating Hala (Pandanus) Leaf Vase

A leaf vase is a good addition to the interior décor or special event table setting. For round table we place two or more leaf vases of different height in the center of the table or create a trail of leaf vases along a long table. We can mix vases and candles.

The best kind of leave is long Hala leaves (Pandanus palm) leaves.



Leaf cocered vaseYou need a tall slim vase or water glass, a few pieces of raffia, a rubber band, some scissors and as many leaves as you need to cover all  your vase.

Hydrate leaves for two hours


creating leaf vaseTrim your leaves to the size two times longer than the size of a vase.



Pile all the leaves together and tight to the vase with rubber band.




Spread leave around the vase.




Starting at the level of the leaf vase edge, split leaves using your thumb nail.



Simply twist each part of a leaf into very tight spiral and hold for 30 seconds – the leaf is going to keep the shape.



Twist in the same manner all the leaves. Remember twisting all the leaves in the same directions.



At the end coumufliage the rubber band with some raffia.

Now you can use your vase for a flower bouquet of only one large unique flower. We placed in our leaf vase a Passiflora Alata or Passion flower.

The leaves would stay fresh for 24 hours. If you want leaves lest for longer time, keep your leaf vase in matching flat dish with water.

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