Fresh Leaf Floral Bracelet

A leaf bracelet is very decorative by itself but you can decorate it with flowers of manmade materials. All the materials are glued to the leaves.
Before using, hydrate flowers and foliage for two hours.
A leaf bracelet can stay fresh for 2-5 days. A bracelet with flowers or petals can keep freshness for several hours only.

To select right for you kind of flowers, experiment by living hydrated flowers or petals without water for several hours.

Creating leaf bracelet

Floral materials:
• 1 Ammi (False Queen Ann’s Lace) flower
• 6-8 begonia blooms
• Nagy and Grevillea leaves


Tools: wire cutter, scissors, glue gun with hot glue, jewelry pliers

Supplies: 2 pieces of wire #22-24, corsage tape, 1/4”-1/2” green organza ribbon

The single begonia blooms and Ammi little flowers without stems hydrate floating in water for two hours.

1. Cut 2 of about 12” pieces of wire
2. Cut 30-40 Nagy leaves of the stem ( all leaves have to be the same size)
3. First string bottoms of the leaves on a piece of wire, keeping the leaf petioles on the same level
4. Next string another piece of wire through the leaf tips
5. Shorten the wires at the ends of the bracelet to 1″ and twist in pairs at each end

6. Using corsage tape, cover the twisted wires and form small loops with pliers
7. Cut about 12” of ribbon to tight loops together

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