Wildflower Floral Arrangement


Rustic wildflower floral arrangements are quite trendy in weddings lately . Wildflower décor is popular for barnyard and vintage style weddings.

To create wildflower theme is not necessarily going into the wild for dream flowers. Any kind of flowers would work if mix them with small flowers, fillers and grass.

Choose 2-4 varieties for main and supporting flowers plus 1-2  for fillers. Grass and flexible foliage will give your arrangement depth and texture.

During summer time visit your local farmer’s market – you always can find there affordable, beautiful flowers.

We are going to create now large focal point arrangement. It would work as an altar décor, food station arrangement or place card table centerpiece.

Floral materials:

10-15 sunflowers; 10-12 stems chrysanthemums in two colors; 15-20 stems of Queen Ann’s Lace  (also known as wild carrot); 10 stems of African sorgo; 1 bunch of lacy flexible green foliage

Let flower and greens hydrate for two hours before arranging


Ceramic container, floral foam

Soak a piece of floral foam large enough to fill the bottom of a wide vase and place it on the bottom of the vase.

Start with largest flowers – sunflowers. Remove petals from some flowers to create that natural look and add bright green color to the arrangement. Distribute them evenly as you go from the center of the arrangement down.


Next do yellow then burgundy chrysanthemums, distributing them the same way; starting from the center.



Yellow flowers should be 1/2″ higher than sunflowers and burgundy – 1/2″ lower.



Now is the turn of fillers – Queen Ann’s Lace flowers. Place flowers between sunflowers and chrysanthemums; small flowers – on the sides of the arrangement, allowing them to naturally spill over the sides of the vase. Fillers shell be 1/2 taller than yellow chrysanthemums.

Cut leaves from sorgo stems living only the top one. Distribute sorgo equally around arrangement. The tips should be  1″ higher than Queen Ann’s Lace flowers. Extra leaves distribute around the arrangement.

Finish by filling greens between flowers to cover gaps and on the side of the vase.












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