Providing complimentary floral design services by students for weddings and corporate events is a part of our educational program. You are going to pay us for flowers only – all floral design services will be done by our graduated students under teachers’ supervision.

The quality of flowers and floral design services are guaranteed by a contract with Mila Design, Inc.

  • How to get free flower design services?
  • What kind of seasonal flowers to select?
  • How to save money on flowers?
  • How to budget a wedding décor?

Our internationally recognized designers will help you to answer all these questions and coordinate the entire event décor for NO CHARGE!

Complimentary floral design services by students are not only inexpensive but also very creative.

You can see student’s artworks for weddings, corporate events at our Facebook profile.

Getting complimentary wedding flower décor would save you money for something you can’t get for free:

a honeymoon trip, musicians, party favors.

What about DIY floral décor? Combine your bridal shower with a wedding flower workshop and create all your wedding décor with your friends.

For over three decades, our school of floral design has been teaching best practices and leading trends of the European floral industry.

We will teach you and your friends how to create bouquets, boutonnieres, corsages and table décor. It will take only a couple of hours to get everything ready. The workshop if fun and easy – everyone can participate. After the workshop we will serve for your guests gourmet  hors d’oeuvres  and beverages.

If you are not brave enough creating your own wedding our students will do it for you for free!

The list of our luxurious floral design creation includes –

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