Floral Art School Classes

Six days, 48 hours (3 courses of 2-day classes) of instruction and workshops of floral design in Chicago.

We teach all new techniques, and previous experiences do not receive credit. All students start with the class #1 – Beginners’ Course. All classes have to be taken in chronological order. A certificate of completion is given upon taking all classes. A complimentary 30-minute orientation class is available by appointment – please call 773-395- 0213.

Classes are limited to 5 students and you’ll receive a high level of personal attention and learn the skills you need to succeed. Over a short period of time, we will cover a wide range of topics—from “How to Prolong the Life of Cut Flowers” to “How to Create Master Class Floral Arrangements”. We will send you all the materials on the theory of floral design before the beginning of the class, so you could do some study at home. During classes you will have 48 hours of workshops.

Registration fee for each course is $150.  Total tuition, flowers & supplies is $420 for each 2-day course.

Beginner’s Course

This course consists of two classes that cover floral design theory, techniques and skills currently required for employment in the floral design industry. Successful completion of the class offers entry-level employment in floral design.

First day – wholesale market tour 9am-10am, workshop at the studio 10am-6pm
Second day – workshop at the studio 10am-6pm

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• Selecting quality flowers, processing cut flowers, prolonging life of cut flowers

• Modern color theory, recognizing Nature’s clues for effective color combinations and how colors affect each other.

• Elements and principles of floral design, foundation tools of floral design: lines and rhythms giving energy to designs, contrast, texture and form of floral masterpieces

• New techniques of floral design, emerging European trends and styles of floral art

*Includes one-hour field trip to a wholesale floral market.


First day -Spiral hand tied bouquets: round, cascading and one-sided bouquets in Bidermeir, Victorian and French Garden styles:

Second day: Arrangements using floral foam: focal point techniques in Bidermeir, Victorian and French Garden styles:

Wedding Design Course

This course consists of three classes that cover planning, organizing, managing and designing for corporate and social events. Party props, room decor, table settings, lighting and display elements combined with art principles and creative thematic approaches to floral design. Creating large scale room décor.

Two-day workshop at the studio 10am-6pm.

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• Cascading and drop-shape bouquets in decorative bouquet holders
• Glamelia bouquets made of rose, gladiolus, orchid, lily and ginger petals

• Fantasy flowers for hair
• Ring bearers accessories
• Pomanders and floral purses


• Tips for reducing floral waste: using roots, stems, twigs for table centerpieces
• Custom made floral napkin rings, lanterns, containers
• Patterns of table settings to maximize artistic effect
• Using fruits and vegetables for floral arrangements
• Floral table runners


• Floral garlands
• Floral chandeliers
• Floral hanging panels
• Floral backdrops


Advanced Techniques Course

Selecting flowers and accessories according to foundational principles of floral design. Unique mechanics and techniques in advanced design. Using advanced style arrangements for hotels, offices, stores and other public spaces.

Two-day workshop at the studio 10am-6pm

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• Arranging in High Style
• Arranging in Botanical Style
• Arranging in Collage Style
• Leaf work Palm leaf weaving


Registration fee of $150 is required at the time of registration for each course and will be applied toward your final payment. The balance must be paid on the first day of the class.

The cost of each class includes tuition, flowers, supplies and materials on the theory of floral design.

You can take the whole course at once or one 2-day course at time.

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