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You know the No. 1 consumer objection to buying flowers?                                                                                            LONGEVITY!

The word fresh is the key to retaining repeat customers for flower arrangements. In addition to deterring people from buying flowers, wilted-too-soon flowers can hurt your profits and reputation.…

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Our Former Students

    First students



Since 1985, over 5000 of our former students all over the world successfully started their own businesses or work as designers, each practicing his or her unique creative style. And to think that each and every one of these successful entrepreneurs started without even knowing how to cut flowers properly.…

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Meghan Markle’s Bridal Bouquet


Prince Harry Played a key role in designing Meghan Markle’s wedding  bouquet.

According to Kensington Palace, the groom himself picked flowers to be included in the bride’s bouquet.

“Prince Harry handpicked several flowers yesterday from their private garden at Kensington Palace to add to the bespoke bridal bouquet designed by florist Philippa Craddock,” reads a statement from  Kensington Palace.…

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Top 9 Networking Tips From a Celebrity Florist


Heaving my third year in business, I had nearly thirty weddings scheduled in about a six month time period. That’s a lot of dings. That’s a lot of stress. That’s a lot of weekends working, while my non-wedding friends were pedaling down the boardwalk on beach cruisers, still not really “getting” why I wasn’t there.…

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Easter table floral decor

Easter floral table decorIn our Easter floral décor we use spring flowers and candles. Easter usually occurs towards the beginning of spring, a season when plants bloom and animals give birth. Eggs in particular are a clear symbol of rebirth and fertility. So eggs are often associated with Easter, a holiday that  celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ.…

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