International Floral Art Book 12/13

International Floral Art

The International Floral Art book is a platform for the exchange of ideas and testing room for creativity and innovation in floristry.





The 2012/13 edition showcases the talent, inventiveness and fresh ideas of the best florists from 32 countries, selected by a professional jury.…

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Greenery. Wholesale catalog

Greenery make arrangements look more stylish.  It also coumufliage all gaps at our creations, making them looking more natural. Greenery distributed to the wholesale market varies from single leaves to all kinds of branches.


In our catalog of wholesale greenery we divided all foliage into groups, helping you to select specific kinds of greenery.…

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Wildflower Floral Arrangement


Rustic wildflower floral arrangements are quite trendy in weddings lately . Wildflower décor is popular for barnyard and vintage style weddings.

To create wildflower theme is not necessarily going into the wild for dream flowers. Any kind of flowers would work if mix them with small flowers, fillers and grass.…

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Floral Design Ideas from OASIS Floral Products


 Get inspired! Find floral design ideas in categories of interest to you.



These designs were created by OASIS Floral Design Directors, accomplished independent floral professionals who lead workshops and speak and write on creating floral arrangements. All designs include floral recipes listing fresh ingredients, structural elements and decorative accents used as well as downloadable high resolution photos:


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Floral Wedding Bracelet

DIY floral braceletFloral bracelet is a new trend in floral design. Traditional wrist corsage looks like a little bouquet; a bracelet resembles a miniature wreath around a wrist.

To create a floral bracelet we use long-lasting flowers and greens.

Flowers: hyacinths, nerine, agapanthus, wax flowers, delphinium, small mums, spray roses, ginger, amaranthus.…

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It is easier than you think


by Rachel Clayton, Today’s Chicago Woman

It is easier than you think!

I asked Tatiana Chelekhova, an owner of Mila Design Special Events Florist, how she turned her passion onto a profession… and how you can too.…

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